To create something exquisite you have to respect it.

We source all our gemstones sustainably because the alternative is simply not a viable option and does not even enter into our vocabulary.

“Our planet has given us the most amazing treasures, we must respect where they came from and how they are used.”

RJC Double Certified

Sustainable sourcing is at the heart of what we do and we were one of the first suppliers to become double RJC* certified in 2012, and we are currently in our seventh year of RJC certification. We are also certified by the CoP** and have just achieved this certification for the next three years.

*Responsible Jewellery Council / **Code of Practices

Ethics & Traceability

These certifications are a guarantee of the quality of our gemstones, but it is also very much a question of ethics. The RJC not only covers the traceability of stones and materials but also health and safety in the workplace. Our CoC*** certification is specific to the traceability of our raw materials, of which we are extremely proud. Our gem-stones are unparalleled in their beauty.

***Chain of Custody