The magical art of gemstone setting.

Stone setting requires dexterity, passion and skill. We have all three in abundance.


Once the piece has passed through the design, development, engineering and manufacturing stages it is ready to be set with diamonds, precious stones or gemstones.

Haute Joaillerie

We specialise in ‘haute joaillerie’ and luxury watches, but our master setters can elevate almost anything with precious stones and diamonds.


Every stone is set by hand by a master setter to ensure its brilliance and splendour. This allows us to bring the mystical and magical world of gemstones to life.


Whatever the technique or setting you can be sure that Salanitro has mastered and excelled at it over many years of practice and dedication.

Case study

In our recent work for Paraiba tourmaline we had exclusive access to the tourmaline mine, which is a stone rarer and more expensive than a diamond,

and we set the first ever baguette cut Paraiba tourmaline into a watch for one of our luxury watch partners.

Stone setting is a beautifully intricate and ancient craft that requires skill, patience and dedication and we have mastered it in its entirety.

World Premiere of a Paraiba Tourmaline