About us

Salanitro: a synonym for excellence

Pierre Salanitro

founded his eponymous company, which has now grown to employ over 200 people in its state-of-the art workshop, in 1990 to provide a service of outstanding quality to more than 40 leading Swiss watch brands and the business has grown from stone setting alone to encompass the whole process of manufacturing watch cases, bracelets and dials.

Do you believe in magic?

We do, because sometimes the stars align and you find yourself exactly where you’re supposed to be at exactly the right time.

Or so it was for Salanitro founder, Pierre, when one fateful day he chanced upon a diamond setting workshop on rue d’Italie, Geneva.

Watching the setters practice their intricate and majestic work Pierre became instantly mesmerized and inextricably connected to the skillful art of stone setting.

He persuaded the workshop to take him on as an apprentice and he worked tirelessly and with impeccable dexterity to hone his craft and build his reputation within the industry.

At the end of the day, it is quality that counts, and ours is indisputable.

Pierre Salanitro, founder

30 years later and the magic is still alive.

What started out as a specialist stone setting company has grown to involve design, manufacturing, prototyping, setting, polishing, rhodium plating and assembly. This allows us to operate in a fluid and reliable way, taking ownership of every part of the process and imbuing it with technical mastery and flare.

There has always been magic in gemstones; from their discovery in the rugged landscape that surrounds us to their use in the fantastical narratives of our childhoods.

Salanitro brings that all to life with a majesty and expertise that is simply unparalleled.